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Discover Bali's ultimate number one venue, Tirtagangga was built for a King but is now a royal treat for all your celebrations. Located within the beautiful, secure 22 acre grounds of Bali's most treasured Royal Water Palace situated in the Karangasem Regency of East Bali. Over the last two years the Water Palace gardens with its statues, bridges and pavilions have been featured in many TV productions around the world.
Tirta Ayu is overlooked by Mount Agung, Bali's most sacred mountain and views of the surrounding countryside are blessed with some of the most amazing rice terraces with the warm crystal clear ocean in the distance. The mornings are stunning and inspire guests to walk, take photographs and many artists have painted these spectacular landscapes. The visual stimulus is breathtaking and can only be described as the real Bali at its best, which makes Tirta Ayu an ideal base to explore this magical unique island. Tirta Ayu is elevated and enjoys a warm balmy breeze that keeps humidity levels low.

All Tirta Ayu guests can enjoy being treated like Gods and Goddesses with first class royal treatment, be pampered and experience an event of a lifetime.

Ujung Water Palace or Taman Soekasada Ujung was majestically built in 1919 by the last King of Karangasem. It is located in Tumbu village, approximately five kilometers south of Amlapura. The main purpose for this amazing palace was to entertain important Diplomats and other Royal Households from neighbouring countries. In 1963 the eruption of Mount Agung almost destroyed this beautiful palace. However, with donations from the world bank it has now been completely renovated to its former glory.

Wedding Venues

Ujung is a charming and picturesque water palace, designed with an infusion of European and Balinese architecture, with outstanding views of the Lombok Strait and the picturesque rice fields from the pavilion. The moats, pools and water gardens of Ujung Water Palace turn your wedding into an unforgettable precious moment. Enjoy the atmosphere of an al fresco garden ceremony sheltered by romantic gazebos and sense the fragrance of nature and culture surrounding you as exchange your wedding vows.

Wedding on the garden with marquee: 150 - 200 guests
Bale kambang (floating gazebo): 30 guests

Formerly, known as Puri Kaleran and was built in the 18th Century by I Gusti Anglurah Made Karangasem Sakti. Over the preceding years various generations of the royal family have renovated the palace and changed the name to Puri Gede.

Puri Gede is one of royal palaces in Karangasem, part of Karangsem King's Grand Palace. The uniquely designed Puri Gede combines Balinese, Chinese and European architectural styles. The rambling palace grounds feature many brick buildings dating from the Dutch colonial period, while the Chinese influence can be seen from the ceramic ornaments. The Balinese style is implemented in the palace penologist. Renovations done throughout recent years by one of the inheritors of the Grand Palace has not damaged the original style but more often emphasized and enhanced this historic building.

Puri Gede combines the beauty of Bali's nature and the richness of its culture. Have you ever dreamt of prince and princess weddings? Well at Puri Gede your dream comes true you're wedding here meets with the Royal's collection of various kinds of traditional music instruments. The exotic palace, its history and culture and the pristine ambiance is the perfect setting for your special day.

Bale (gazebo) function: 100 guests
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